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What is Casualty Insurance ?

Casualty Insurance

Casualty insurance is mainly liability coverage of an individual or organization for negligent acts or omissions.
When structuring a program for a client, National Takaful is committed to providing expert analysis on available limits; retentions, coverage wording and pricing to help achieve that client's risk management objectives. This might include reducing costs, managing volatility, broadening coverage, streamlining administration, developing cost allocation strategies, managing collateral or providing budgeting information.
Our clients can be assured that they are getting the most innovative casualty risk solutions available in our industry, specifically designed to help protect their assets and assist them in being more successful.

Money Insurance

Money like any other property is susceptible to loss and damage, and for this insurance exists to cover such mishaps.

Money insurance is an All Risks cover with some exclusion which can be referred to in the policy. Essentially Money would be cash, notes, checks, and securities for money, stamps, postal and money orders. Here you will be able to seek information and request quotation online.

The cover is for the said money whilst

-In transit to and from premises and banks.
-In safe at the premises.
-Out of safe in working hours at the premises.
-In the care of a company’s responsible staff.
-Cover can be extended to include material damage to the safe itself
-To provide cover for the money insurance, consideration is given to the limits. Estimated annual carrying, Maximum limit of any one carrying, maximum limit available in the safe or the premises at any given time.

Business Interruption Insurance

Worse than the loss due to the risk of fire and the damages it may cause as a result, is to be unable to continue doing business after the break of the fire. Although, the business stops due to this calamity, there are certain charges that will independently continue irrespective of the situation that the contributor is placed in. These expenses such as bank interests, employee’s salaries, rent, electricity and other standing charges, will still need attention in addition to the loss of revenue. This results in a loss of gross profits due to reduction in turnover and increased cost of working during the period of interruption. Here you will be able to seek information and request for quotation online.

For Business interruption cover to operate, it is compulsory that there be in place a Property All Risks or Fire insurance policy. This cover takes into consideration the following aspects which should be addressed when opting for this cover, and are:

-Gross Profit
-Standing Charges
-Annual Turnover
-Limit and Period of Indemnity.
This coverage is subject to a time excess e.g. first 7 days of the loss

Personal Accidents

In this fast moving and stressful world, accidents are very common. These accidents cause death or disabilities to the victims The Personal Accident Insurance is what provides the cover for the unfortunate ones. This insurance is available for both individuals and groups. The cover under this insurance is for the personal accidental resulting in bodily injury &/or death.

The insurance carries a number of benefits amongst which are:

-Accidental Death
-Permanent Total Disability
-Permanent Partial Disability
-Temporary Total Disability.
-Temporary Partial Disability
-Individual Personal Accident covers loss resulting directly and independently of all other causes from bodily -injuries caused by an accident on or off duty and anywhere in the world.

The insurance covers against:

-Accidental Death 100% sum insured.
-Permanent Total Disablement up to 100% sum insured.
-Permanent Partial disablement percentage as per continental scale.
-Temporary total disablement up to 75% of the weekly salary for a period of maximum 52 weeks.

Plate Glass Insurance

This policy covers the breakage of glass by any cause (except the exclusions specified in the policy wording) by paying value equal to the broken glass calculated at the current price of glass on the date of accident, up to the value specified in the Policy Schedule in respect of the broken piece of glass.

Details such as measurement of the glass, location, sum insured in respect of each piece to be provided for proper assessment of the risk.

All Risks Personal Effects

All Risks Personal Effects
This policy is intended to cover the personal belongings of the Contributor like Travel Baggage, Valuable Paintings displayed at home etc. against accidental loss or damage..

Sum Insured will be the actual market value of the items insured which are clearly specified in the policy schedule.

Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Fidelity insurance protects organizations from employee’s dishonesty, embezzlement, forgery, larceny and/or fraudulent act by any of the insured’s employees entrusted with the insured’s money or property.

This type of policy shall be extremely useful for all business/offices which handle and transact cash in large volumes everyday. This policy is intended to protect organizations against loss of money and property due to infidelity of its employees.

Travel Insurance

A worldwide Emergency Medical & Accidental Death or Disability Cover with enormous benefits Recommended to get the visa from all embassies in Kuwait and other countries since it fully complies with their requirements.

Policy benefits:

-Personal Accident
-Emergency Medical Evacuation
-Medical Expenses
-Dental Expenses
-Repatriation of Remains
-Loss of Baggage
-Baggage Delay
-Flight Delay exceeding 4 hours
-Personal Liability
-Emergency Family Travel
-Legal Fees
-Bail Bond
-Loss of Passport
-Trip Cancelation and Curtailment
-Missed departure
-Assistance Department
-Credit Card Fraud
-Hazardous Sport Benefits
-Terrorism Extension

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