Electronic Equipments Insurance

Electronic equipments such as computers, laptop, and any electric & electronic equipement etc… are so valuable and sensitive items, and they are exposed to various risks and in addition the insured will be exposed to consequential losses following such damages.

The “National Takaful Insurance Company’s electronic equipment insurance policy covers, whether the contributors items are at work or at rest, being dismantled for cleaning, or in course of subsequent re-erection. This policy has many cover sections which can be used as a whole or section one alone or section one along with section (2) according to the contributors choice.

  • Material Damage: This section covers any unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to the insured items from any cause not specifically excluded. Compensation of such loss may be done by cash payments, replacement or repair.
  • External Data Media: in case it includes information stored which can be directly processed in EDP systems, or suffer any material damage compensated under section 1. The company will indemnify the contributor not exceeding the sum insured.
  • Increased cost of working: If the material damage compensated under section 1 gives rise to a total or partial interruption of operation of the EDP equipment, the “National Takaful Insurance Company” will indemnify the contributor for any additional expenditure incurred for the use of substitute EDP equipment, not covered under this policy, up to an amount not exceeding the sum insured.