Personal Accidents

In this fast moving and stressful world, accidents are very common. These accidents cause death or disabilities to the victims The Personal Accident Insurance is what provides the cover for the unfortunate ones. This insurance is available for both individuals and groups. The cover under this insurance is for the personal accidental resulting in bodily injury &/or death.

The insurance carries a number of benefits amongst which are:

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total Disability
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Temporary Total Disability.
  • Temporary Partial Disability

Individual Personal Accident covers loss resulting directly and independently of all other causes from bodily injuries caused by an accident on or off duty and anywhere in the world.

The insurance covers against:

  • Accidental Death 100% sum insured.
  • Permanent Total Disablement up to 100% sum insured.
  • Permanent Partial disablement percentage as per continental scale.
  • Temporary total disablement up to 75% of the weekly salary for a period of maximum 52 weeks.