Cargo Insurance

Goods are being transported by sea-freight, airfreight , overland (by truck or rail), post or multimodal transportation from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.  Risks associated with such transportation are numerous.  The main risks are risk of damage to the goods, loss of goods and legal liability arising out such carriage.

Purpose of Insurance Cover:

Cargo insurance provides its owner with protection against losses resulting from damage to or loss of goods caused by an insured risk.  It also provides protection against financial claims made against the owner of the cargo in the case of declared general average.

Scope of Coverage:

Insurance covers can be obtained for All Risks (A) or Restricted Cover (C).The ‘Restricted Cover’ provides for coverage in respect of certain named risks only.

Types of Cargo Insurance Policies:

A specific insurance policy can be purchased for just a single shipment of goods.  In the case of traders with regular flow of imports and exports an Open Cover/Policy is normally effected.  Such Open Cover affords protection to the trader in respect of all his shipments in accordance with pre-arranged rates, terms and conditions.  Under such policy of insurance the trader undertakes to declare all his shipments on a regular basis.

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