Complimentary Insurance Policy

The company pledges to compensate the destruction or the damage of the contributor car only in the following cases:

  • If the destruction or the damage happened due to a collision accident or a coup or that the accident is resulting from an emergency mechanical failure or result of usage.
  • If the destruction or the damage resulted from a fire or an external explosion or a subjective ignition, a burglary and a theft, or even a lightning strike.
  • If the destruction or the damage resulted from a deliberate act by others.
  • If the vehicle was exposed to destruction or damage during its transfer by marine or by elevators and derricks.

At the first notification of the contributor about an accident, the company carries out the coordination with repair garage chosen and agreed by the insured to make the assessment of the damage and holding the required reforms.

The car is not considered in a total destruction state except if it was proved that the costs of its reform exceeds 75 % of its value before the accident, and this kind of the new cars insurance which did not spend more than 5 years since its exit date from the agency, and it counts the similarity of the document according to the kind and car price and does not require a policy against the others issued from our company.