Insurance Policy of total loss for a private car

The company pledges to compensate the total, actual or discretionary loss of the insured car due to its destruction result or its total damage in these cases:

If the destruction or the damage was due to a collision accident or a coup, or from a fire or an external explosion or a subjective ignition, a lightning strike, or if it was the result of a deliberate act from others or during a maritime transfer or by elevators and derricks.

In this case the car will not be considered as a total, actual or discretionary loss except if it was proved that the costs of its reform exceed 75 % of its value before the accident or the certainty of burglary and theft a certainty asserting the knowledge of the competent authorities and the passage of six months without the mastery of its restoration.

This document includes the new and old cars regardless of the date of its exit from the agency by installment of insurance defined by the company and does not require for its issuing that the insurance policy is published by our company.