Company Overview

National Takaful Insurance Company (NATICO) was established in 2003 by virtue of its shareholding structure with a paid-up capital of KWD 10,000,000/-. by leading business groups. NATICO is licensed to render as a Takaful Insurance Company in Kuwait (Islamic Sharia Compliance). The company's general policy is drawn and managed by Kuwaiti board of directors in addition to the elite department managers and employees with wide, local and international experiences and unique professionalism. NATICO's business goal is to add value to the Kuwait Insurance Industry and Kuwait Economy from Origin to Excellence.

NATICO is ranked as one of top best Takaful insurance in Kuwait. The company offers an extensive range of products and services including: Fire & General Accidents, Marine (Hull & Cargo) & Aviation, Motor Insurance, Life & Medical Insurance and Engineering insurance. Our products and services are designed to suit the various requirements of our clients and meet all their insurance demands of B2B and B2C. With our continuous efforts to provide innovative technology solutions and serve our valued clients, we have provided multiple digital platforms through various communication channels. We plan to continue investing in digital systems ensuring them direct and effective communication platforms.

Over the years, NATICO has established an excellent reputation for working closely with clients to ensure high level of service standards catered for each and every client. NATICO believes that human investment is the real core capital investment and main cornerstone which ensures success and persistence.