Motor Takaful

What National Takaful Insurance covers?

The insured is committed to the civil responsibility resulted by material and physical damages from the vehicle accidents if they fall inside the state of Kuwait and he abides by the value of the compensation.

This policy includes insurance on physical damages, death or any physical injury to any person due to the vehicles accidents.

This kind of insurance is compulsorily for the sake of passengers from accidents of the following cars (private cars – Taxis – public transport cars – external trucks for passengers – ambulances – trucks of goods which transport workers or others).

The contributor does not abide by the coverage of the resulting civil responsibility for the death or any physical injury that befalls the driver of the vehicle or any of his family members (wife, husband, parents, kids, etc…).

What is Personal Accident

Personal accidents insurance policy related to driver and family members.

If the contributor is cared by law to securing others, then it is worthy for him to insuring his person and his family’s members, therefore, the “National Takaful Insurance Company” offers this document which covers risks of death or permanent total inability and permanent partial inability according to his attribution, in any case of accident or danger materializes to the car leader and the above mentioned members of his family presented in the vehicle.

As for if the accident fell and the injured person do not have the right in a complete or partial blood money, the compensation could be possible from a compulsory insurance of another car involved in the accident.

In this policy, the insurance value reaches about all the passenger of 10.000 K.D. assuming that all injured beneficiaries in the accident does not accede the sum of 25.000 K.D.

What we cover under Personal Accident Insurance?

The scope of cover and scale of benefits differ between insurance companies and you should, therefore, ensure that you purchase a policy which meets your requirements.

The types of coverage normally provided under a PA policy include:
• Accidental death.
• Permanent disablement.
• Temporary total or partial disablement.
• Medical expenses.
• Corrective surgery.
• Hospitalisation benefits.
• Funeral expenses.

What Does Total Loss Mean?

Insurance Policy of total loss for a private car.

The company pledges to compensate the total, actual or discretionary loss of the insured car due to its destruction result or its total damage in these cases:

If the destruction or the damage was due to a collision accident or a coup, or from a fire or an external explosion or a subjective ignition, a lightning strike, or if it was the result of a deliberate act from others or during a maritime transfer or by elevators and derricks.

What Happens After a Total Loss?

In this case the car will not be considered as a total, actual or discretionary loss except if it was proved that the costs of its reform exceed 75 % of its value before the accident or the certainty of burglary and theft a certainty asserting the knowledge of the competent authorities and the passage of six months without the mastery of its restoration.

This document includes the new and old cars regardless of the date of its exit from the agency by installment of insurance defined by the company and does not require for its issuing that the insurance policy is published by our company.

Road Service – 24 hours coverage

Fuel Services

The company carries out providing the car with the fuel assuming that the contributor holds the fuel cost only.

Battery Charging Service

The company carries out charging the car battery in the state of its inability or a decrease in the performance.

Wheel Hole Services

The company help the customer in dismantling and formulation of the additional wheel.

Car Drawing Services

It draws the car in the state of the mechanical and electric failures to the repair garage or to the contributor house (except in case of accidents).

Car Opening Services

In case the customer forgot the key inside the car.

Urgent Mechanical Services

The company help in operating the car engine for the arrival to a nearer garage in case of mechanical and electric failures assuming that the car reform cost is at the expense of the contributor.

Unified Insurance for Cars Driving Through Arab Countries

As an initiative to encouraging tourism and facilitating commercial exchange between Arab countries, which brings the Arab economy to the greatest interests and facilitates the move to the Arab citizens by their cars on their different kinds between the Arab countries under a system that guarantees the compensation on the road accidents, 13 Arab countries signed on an agreement for the facilitation of the vehicles biographies through the limits of those countries and that happened in Tunisia on the 26 April of the year 1975.

And according to this agreement, the company carried out the publication of this card that covers the damages of the third party resulting from the accidents caused by the insured car according to the country law that collects the accident inside its lands.

The unified office in this country receives the resulting asking and claims about the cars accidents that fall in the country which hosts this office.

License Insurance

The company is responsible for the accidents that fall because of the vehicle driver inside the State of Kuwait during the period agreed in the document schedule.

The company pledges that it compensates on behalf of the contractor the blood money or the financial compensations that others may claim if his responsibility was proved on injuries result or damages that reached them due to the driving of the contractor during the document period agreed with the special conditions to this document.

National Takaful Care

The company pledges to compensate the destruction or the damage of the contributor car only in the following cases:

If the destruction or the damage happened due to a collision accident or a coup or that the accident is resulting from an emergency mechanical failure or result of usage.

If the destruction or the damage resulted from a fire or an external explosion or a subjective ignition, a burglary and a theft, or even a lightning strike.

If the destruction or the damage resulted from a deliberate act by others.

If the vehicle was exposed to destruction or damage during its transfer by marine or by elevators and derricks.

At the first notification of the contributor about an accident, the company carries out the coordination with repair garage chosen and agreed by the insured to make the assessment of the damage and holding the required reforms.

The car is not considered in a total destruction state except if it was proved that the costs of its reform exceeds 75 % of its value before the accident, and this kind of the new cars insurance which did not spend more than 5 years since its exit date from the agency, and it counts the similarity of the document according to the kind and car price and does not require a policy against the others issued from our company.

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